Guidance to Churches on Payment of Fees & Expenses to Regional Ministers 

Why do we need this document?

This document is offered as guidance on the payment by churches of fees and expenses to Regional Ministers as they share in the life of local churches. It is offered as many churches want to do the "right" thing but have to ask for guidance as to what that is. Some churches have been led to believe that their contributions to Home Mission cover the expenses of the Regional Ministers. A sum is set aside in the Association budget each year to cover the travelling expenses of the Regional Ministers in their work among all the churches. It is only right and proper that when a church invites a Regional Minister to take part in specific events that this church makes a contribution to the family purse to cover the expenses incurred by the Regional Minister in doing so.

What if we cannot afford a Regional Minister’s help?

This approach is a suggested one but it is not expected that a church with very limited financial resources should follow it rigorously. Churches with greater resources are encouraged to follow it generously. If you have any concerns please speak to the Regional Minister.

Can’t we just give a gift to the Regional Minister?

All fees and expenses received by a Regional Minister have, under the terms of his/her contract, to be remitted to the SEBA in order to assist with the funding of the Association. The annual budget set by the SEBA includes an amount expected in this way. Ideally all payments should be by cheque payable to the ‘South Eastern Baptist Association" or via BACS to our Association bank account; and not to the individual Regional Minister although they can be handed to the Regional Minister.

How much for a Sunday or special event?

The following types of activity by a Regional Minister should attract payment of both a realistic fee and mileage expenses (preferably at the higher of the current Inland Revenue approved mileage rates - 45p per mile):
Taking a Sunday service or special church service / Leading a church weekend or similar / Leading a leadership conference or similar / Engaging in a Mediation process with a church

Suppose it’s an induction, or settlement issue?

For the activities list in this paragraph churches are encouraged to consider the payment of mileage expenses (preferably at the higher of the current Inland Revenue mileage rates):
Visiting a church or deacons meeting to address a specific matter (eg. settlement of a minister or advice on specific issue at the request of the church or deacons / Taking part in the induction, ordination or farewell of a minister, or similar.

What if the Regional Minister initiates the visit?

Although support from churches is always welcomed, no payment of fee or expenses is expected when a periodic pastoral visit is made to a church at the request of a Regional Minister. What about hospitality? Churches are encouraged to offer refreshment to the Regional Minister during their visit, especially if they have travelled a long way.

Finally, please be assured that the Regional Ministers are available to all SEBA churches whether or not any of these fees are paid. They are here to serve.