SEBA can provide funding support for churches in a number of different ways depending on the need.  Please review the criteria below and if you would like to discuss an application for any one of these, please contact us.

Church Growth Grants 

These grants are made annually from funds provided to SEBA by Baptists Together and are

  • to help established churches support a Minister who will lead them forward in their mission by helping them to reach out to their local community with the love of God in whatever ways are appropriate.
  • to help new initiatives support a Minister leading a group of Christians in forming a new Baptist work.

They are awarded for a maximum of three years, but applications for an extension of a further two years will be considered after a detailed review of the work in the third year.

We determine the level of funding to be provided each year based on the financial situation of the church or initiative, but the expectation is that the grant will be reduced by at least 5% each year.

Project Grants 

SEBA have established this fund to support churches through one-off grants of up to £3,000 to support new projects or ongoing ministry.

  • to enable churches to deliver mission-focussed projects in response to the needs of their local community as part of their ongoing work and ministry.
  • to help a church or congregation meet one-off costs associated with their ongoing work and ministry.

These grants are not to cover stipend or salary costs – but all other requests will be considered. Repeat applications from an individual church will not normally be considered within three years.

This is a limited fund and grants will only be made when sufficient funds are available. Whilst these are grants and there is no expectation for churches to repay them, our hope is that when those churches who have benefited are able to make a donation to SEBA to benefit other churches in need they will do so, and we will use that gift to replenish this fund. We would welcome donations to this fund from any church to support our Baptist family across the South East. 

To compete the application form online please click below or click on these links to download a copy of the application form and guidance notes.

Make an application

Church Project of the Year 

Each year SEBA support one development project that enables our family to be more effective in its mission. It could be a church building for a newly planted church or a new building for a church that has outgrown its current premises or a new project reaching out into a new community. The decision on which project to support is made by the SEBA  Leadership Team and is based on the project they believe will have the biggest impact for the Kingdom.

We advertise and distribute material provided by the project and funds are generated in response by specific donations from other churches in our family across the South East. 

Click here to learn about this year's Project of the Year.