Church Leadership 

Taking on a role within the Church family can sometimes be daunting, and the questions it raises may be many.  The Baptist Union Corporation have put together some helpful guidelines specifically for this.

There is a selection of guidance for Churches; including information and guidance about what to do when a Minister leaves and the Settlement process (when a church seeks to find a new Minister), including information to help when looking at ministry costs; Terms of Appointment (for full and part time Mininsters) and Parental leave (including risk assessments)

There's information on manses, including buying, selling, shared ownership and leasing (including leasing out) a manse.

There are guidelines to help with Church finance; as well as the latest figures your Treasurer might need for stipends & manse allowance and other useful finance information.

Also, if you are struggling with payroll, we can wholly recommend the West of England Payroll service, which a number of SEBA churches (& SEBA itself) use - for further information, please check out their website

For anyone looking to book a visiting preacher - please check out these guidelines

For anyone planning an ordination and/or induction service - please download this helpful checklist