Supporting churches in our family 

supporting churches
As most of our churches have now returned to meeting in person, we are aware that many are uncovering property and fabric issues that have arisen whilst their building was unoccupied and that now need dealing with. Similarly, a number of our churches want to be involved in new Gospel initiatives in their local communities. However, we know that several of our churches have seen a significant drop in giving whilst not meeting and are now struggling to fund with these property and mission challenges.
Earlier in 2021 we made changes to the long-established ‘Home Mission Project Grants Fund’ and renamed it the ‘Project Fund’. This fund is designed to enable our churches to deliver mission-focussed projects and to provide support for other one-off costs associated with their ongoing work (which includes property matters). 
This year rather than promote one large project as the Church Project of the Year, we would like to invite member churches in SEBA to consider giving what they can to this fund to support other SEBA churches who just need a little extra help. Any donations to this fund will be kept exclusively to be used for these purposes and if not required this year will be kept to support the fund going forward. Any SEBA church can apply for a ‘Project Grant’.
We hope that this ‘Project Fund’ will be a way of the SEBA family being able to support each other as we seek to find ways of ensuring we are continually able to bring the Gospel to our communities.