Baptist Union Environment Network

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BUEN - Spanish for 'good' - aims to inspire and enable the Baptists Together network of churches, associations and colleges to:

  • recognise the goodness of God’s creation
  • share in God’s mission to care for it and respond to the climate and environmental crisis in practical ways at local, regional and national levels
  • work for justice for creation and people impacted by environmental change

BUEN’s aim

To enable the Baptists Together family to be a prophetic movement in facing the climate and environmental crisis shaped by our shared values;

Seeking to be a movement of Spirit led communities

hearing the cry of creation, recognising God’s call to caring for creation as an integral part of missional discipleship

Feel like One Team

draw together different regional and world voices across the generations, listening to our failures, needs, fears and dreams, inspiring one another to a common desire to live in harmony with creation as disciples of Jesus

Embracing Adventure

individually, locally, regionally and nationally, transition to a zero net carbon network by 2035

Inspiring Others

seek to influence wider society to be part of a movement capturing God’s creative intent for human beings to care for creation

Share a hunger for God’s coming kingdom

through prayer and action, in the face of the climate crisis, seek justice for the Earth, enabling the flourishing of all living things and its peoples 

Prayer Guide for COP 26

A number of people have asked what is COP 26 (the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and how do we pray for it? On behalf of the Baptist Union Environmental Network Trevor Beckett and Dave Gregory have put together a prayer guide. Please consider circulating it within your church so we can maximise prayer as we move towards the COP 26 conference in Glasgow.

Next meeting

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For more information, please contact SEBA's BUEN rep Revd Trevor Beckett.

Please check out the Baptists Together website BUEN pages, for video stories and resources.