Project Grants
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Guidance notes for completing this form are available here.

The Church

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The Project

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Please provide a brief description of the project
Please describe the nature of the project and how it fits into your church’s mission strategy

The Costs

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Funds to be raised elsewhere £
Please provide details of how any other funds are to be raised
If relevant how do you propose to finance the ongoing work of the project?
If your accounts indicate that you have the funds to resource this project yourselves please explain why you are applying for this grant
Please indicate when you will need the grant
How much did the church give to Home Mission last year? £
How much is the church intending to give to Home Mission this year? £
To complete your application please send copies of 

The church’s current mission strategy
The church’s most recent annual accounts
The project’s most recent annual accounts if available

together with with any further information you feel is appropriate to David Sheldon.