News from the Team  


Revd Michael Fanston

SEBA Moderator


Let’s face it, we’re living in difficult days. A wholly unnecessary and barbaric war is raging in eastern Europe, we have a serious cost-of-living crisis, our trust in, and respect for, (at least some of) our political leaders has taken a huge dive, and our much-valued NHS is struggling badly to cope with demand. And we haven’t even mentioned the pandemic…

Let me remind you of two things. First, despite all the uncertainties that we face, and the fact that life as we knew it pre-COVID now seems to have become a distant memory, we have a God who walks with us into this new and challenging place. Furthermore, He is not phased by the fresh challenges that now confront us. His Word makes it clear that He is more than willing to release His heavenly resources to enable us to be adventurous and courageous as we serve Him in maybe innovative ways in a new environment. 

My second encouragement is to make full use of the experience and multiple resources available within the Baptist family. No Baptist church should function like an island. Built into Baptist DNA is the conviction that we’re stronger together, and it’s for this reason that SEBA appoints Regional Ministers to serve the churches, and an Operations Team to provide behind-the-scenes support. Whenever your church faces a new challenge, and you need information, advice, or you’re not sure how to progress, please use the resources we offer, which includes our comprehensive and regularly up-dated website. 

Our dream and prayer is to see God move mightily in numerous cities, towns and villages across South East England. Let’s work together to help bring in the Kingdom of God.

Finally, and in case this has passed you by, let me explain that our long-serving Team Leader, Stuart Davison, is retiring in early August. Look out for the details of our Celebration, when we will be saying goodbye to Stuart and Gill. Keep your eyes open too for the Autumn Celebration when we will be welcoming and inducting Stuart’s successor, Joth Hunt, who is currently a Regional Minister in the Southern Counties Baptist Association.