Home Mission 

Put quite simply Home Mission is the Baptist family purse. As a previous General Secretary wrote…

"When we want to do things together then we need to find the money from Home Mission. I want you to be really excited about Home Mission, because it enables us to do an immense range of things together. And all of those activities are inspired by the fact that we are united in wanting to encourage missionary disciples. That is to say, we want to be obedient to the words of Jesus who called us to follow him and to encourage others to do the same." (Revd Jonathan Edwards).

Home Mission provides

  • Funding for the thirteen associations

    The Baptist Union of Great Britain has thirteen regional associations. Each regional association has a team of regional ministers and administration staff that offer pastoral support to local churches, advise on mission and practical matters and organise training events.
    All the work of the regional associations is funded by giving to Home Mission from local churches and individuals.
  • Funding for the national resource

    The national resource centre at Baptist House in Didcot, Oxfordshire provides advice or help for all member churches on mission, ministry and communications matters, on legal and financial issues and also provides a variety of useful publications for Baptist churches and colleges. Many staff come from either professional (e.g. accountancy, finance, HR, legal, communications, secretarial, social work) or ministerial backgrounds and are all there to serve the Baptist family.
  • Grants to churches and other organisations
    Each year around £2m is given to churches and other organisations to help them in their mission. Most Mission Grants are given to fund the cost of ministry but some are given to help start a variety of mission projects.

    Church Growth Grants (previously known as Home Mission Grants) are given
    • to help established churches support a Minister who will lead them forward in their mission by helping them to reach out to their local community with the love of God in whatever ways are appropriate.
    • to help new initiatives support a Minister leading a group of Christians in forming a new Baptist work.
Project Grants are given
  • to enable churches to deliver mission-focussed projects in response to the needs of their local community as part of their ongoing work and ministry.
  • to help a church or congregation meet one-off costs associated with their ongoing work and ministry

If you would like to make a gift toward Home Mission, cheques, made payable to 'Home Mission' can be sent to SEBA, c/o 17 Cherry Close, BURGESS HILL, RH15 9PR - or alternatively click here to email for the banking details to send a donation direct.

If your church would like one of our Regional Ministers to come and speak on Baptist Home Mission please contact them direct or via our administrator - Steph Tidy.