Who we work with 

Listed below are the organisations that SEBA work with and are involved in - click on the links for more information

Churches Together
Fresh Expressions
Joint Public Issues Team
Kent Workplace Mission
Thrive Baptist Networks

Churches Together

We work closely with other church denominations and enjoy a good ecumenical relationship through Churches Together - for more information on what's happening where you are, please click on the applicable link

Churches Together in Surrey

Churches Together in Sussex

Churches Together in England

Fresh Expressions of Church


fresh expressions

If church as we’ve known it has failed to connect with 90% of the population, then it’s time we were prepared to look at things differently. The Mission Shaped Ministry course offers the opportunity to engage in new concepts, or fresh expressions of church which will connect with some of those people we are missing. We need to think ‘outside the box’ – the box of our buildings and/or the box of our ways of doing things. The Gospel doesn’t change, but our delivery of it must.

Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT)


The Joint Public Issues Team is a partnership between the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, and the United Reformed Church. Their purpose is to help Churches to work together for peace and justice through listening, learning, praying, speaking and acting on public policy issues.

Christians are called to act justly and to work for God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. JPIT aim to:

  • Share the message in words and action that political engagement is integral to Christian discipleship
  • Understand what churches need in order to speak and act prophetically and prayerfully on key issues of justice and peace
  • Equip, energise, affirm, support and resource our churches, at both local and denominational level, in their engagement with politics and public issues
  • Enable our Churches to speak together with a distinctively Christian voice in promoting justice and campaigning on public issues
  • Build deeper coalitions and partnerships to further these outcomes locally, regionally, in the nations, and internationally

Kent Workplace Mission (KWM)


kent workplace

Whether you're struggling to survive at work, or want to understand more deeply your calling in the workplace, we are here to encourage and support you with all the practical, theological and spiritual issues we face in paid or unpaid work.

•  We offer a range of support for people of faith while they are at work.
•  We help local communities of faith/church engage the local economy where they are.
•  We develop with businesses onsite chaplaincy services.

Latest Newsletter from KWM

Thrive Baptist Networks


Thrive is a nationwide initiative, which aims to encourage a variety of networking between ministers' spouses from those who are training right through to those who are retired.  This networking will include different sorts of local and interest groups as well as events, and sharing via social media or email (for those who prefer it). 

Ministers' spouses have many different occupations, careers and talents which we want to affirm and celebrate.  Being in contact with others in similar circumstances (i.e. married to a minister) allows us to be an inspiration and an encouragement to each other so that we can grow and flourish wherever God has put us. 

Their next biennial Conference will be held online 8th to 9th October 2021 - more details will follow in due course. Click here for a poster about the event. Churches are encouraged to pay for their minister's spouse to attend, as part of the support that they offer to their minster and his or her family.

You can contact them by email or find them on Facebook