News from our Sector Ministers  


Revd Ant Horton

Chief Mission Officer for Urban Saints

Urban Saints

Hi, my name is Ant and I have been here at Urban Saints since June and it’s been great getting to know the wonderful Urban Saints Team; those who volunteer and the paid Team members across the UK and Ireland. 

As I arrived the Team were in the final preparations for hosting hundreds of children, young people and families on summer camps across a multitude of UK sites. This was a real step of faith given the huge uncertainty about whether they could take place and if they did, what would happen if people tested positive for COVID19. We are so thankful to God and for all our team, volunteers and paid team, who worked to keep everyone safe. Given that we had so many on our camps, and only had a few people who tested positive throughout the summer was incredible. 

Switching our focus from the summer to the months ahead, we are thankful for our volunteer group leaders who are working hard at bringing together young people in their local groups around the UK and Ireland. We would love for you to pray for those groups who have yet to start and are preparing for launching after the October half term, that they would look to God in building connections with young people in their local areas. 

Please pray for our volunteers across the country and for us as we look to increase our support for our volunteers. For increasing our regional team across the UK. Please also pray for us as we recruit new members to our National Leadership Team.     
Please also give thanks for the relationships and conversations we have with churches who want to partner with us and other youth organisations and movements; for the appetite to discern the mission that God is calling us into in reaching children and young people across the UK and Ireland in the months ahead.  

If you would like to know more about Urban Saints please don’t hesitate to contact me on email or have a look at our website 

Thank you for your prayers!