One Team 


  • Our Trustees ensure that the Association fulfils its duty to its members and beneficiaries through its charitable activities and delivers on its vision, priorities and values. They are responsible for
  • Policy development & monitoring 
  • Vision and strategy development  
  • Compliance
  • Reporting to relevant bodies
  • Budget development & monitoring 

The Leadership Team

  • Our Leadership Team leads, inspires and envisions the Association to enable us to fulfil our vision. To that end they are responsible for
  • Encouraging Christian discipleship and growth SEBA wide
  • Encouraging ministerial development including prayer, Bible study and theological
  • Our vision and strategy
  • Church planting, revitalisation & pioneering possibilities
  • Interdependent close working with Network ministers
  • Pastoral oversight of ministers and churches
  • Enabling work with children, young people & students
  • Building and maintaining relationships with those Baptist Ministers in Sector Ministries (Chaplaincies)
  • Safeguarding
  • Collaborative working between other Baptist Associations and the Baptist Union

Network Ministers

  • Assisting and serving in the SEBA vision of mission discipleship and wellbeing amongst network churches ‘Enabling mission & Christian living’
  • Sharing with the Regional Ministers in their ministry of pastoral oversight across the region
  • Leading the network, working collaboratively with other networks
  • Fulfilling the vision of local network of churches, inspiring, influencing and leading mission and ministry”
  • Playing a key role in connecting ministers through Continuing Ministerial Development
  • Helping to support churches in specific areas of the association
  • Helping churches practically as ‘first responders’ when there are times of difficulty or problems
  • Encouraging Local Mission Potential and Missional Collaboration within Networks
  • Representing the network to SEBA /Regional Minister
  • Facilitating an annual Church Forum / Roadshow with other Network Ministers within the county to foster greater attachment with SEBA 

The Operations Team

Our Operations Team supports the work of the Association and is responsible for

  • HR management
  • Finance management 
  • Policy and compliance implementation
  • Risk management
  • Health and Safety
  • Administration, Logistics & Event management
  • IT
  • Communications & Digital presence